BTC: 0,382 Fibo Retracement broken. Nxt targets 11.7k, 12k 12,9k

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Hodlers in the past weeks demands a soft regulation on Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies. There are some new developments boosting BTC once more - and could cause another sell off anytime later if this attempts might going to fail:

Quote: "Cryptocurrency regulation has always been a contested topic in the United States. In Wyoming, a new bill is on the table to exempt cryptocurrencies from property taxes. In fact, it will boost the adoption of digital currencies as a whole. Known as Senate Bill 111, it remains to be seen if this proposal can gain sufficient support."


Right now it is not clear, if ever BTC might be used in Wyoming any time soon for digital payments:

Quote: Turning Senate Bill 111 into law will require a lot of support. So far, it is doubtful that will materialize anytime soon. It is true Wyoming has shown a tendency to dislike the Federal Reserve’s monopoly over money. Whether or not that is positive news for cryptocurrencies, has yet to be determined at this point. Senate Bill 111 will certainly cause a lot of speculation. It has yet to be referred to a committee before hopefully passing a majority vote.
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Latest BTC Tradingidea: Please click on the chart to load facts & figures.

Remark: The States of Wyoming and Arizona trying to regulated and accept Crypto Currencies and NOT the US Goverment as written in the last trading idea.

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First target reached @ 11.660

BTC now below downtrendlinie: 4h candles showing consolidation pattern before BTC starts first attempt to cross this major resistance line. If ever the break might be succesfull than next target is 12k, followed by 12.9k later.


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Latest News/Rumors: Bitcoin nearly doubles in value from year's low hit in early February

Bitcoin hit a three-week high on Tuesday and has surged nearly 100 percent from its lowest level this year, as its recovery continued after South Korea's financial regulator eased its stance on cryptocurrencies, weeks after it considered shutting down digital currency exchanges. Analysts cited South Korean news agency Yonhap, which reported Choe Heung-sik, governor of the Financial Supervisory Service, as saying that the government will support cryptocurrency trading if "normal transactions" are made. Reuters is unable to verify the Yonhap report.
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BTC @ 11.730, first target reached. BTC now above the down trendline. In case BTC stays aboce this trendline next target is 12k.

Trade geschlossen: Stop wurde erreicht:
Trade closed: BTC stopped upside momentum @ 11.800, reversed and falls back below downtrend.

SL triggerted @ 11.550.

re entry if BTC cross downtrendline to the upside again.
BTC (D): Reversal Pattern, no buy signal short term.

Bitcoin Rises Despite Regulation Concerns

Regulators have taken an increased interest in the digital currencies. On Thursday New York Fed President William Dudley described cryptocurrencies as “dangerous” and that there was a “speculative mania” about them. U.S. regulators are investigating the Bitfinex exchange over its links to digital coin Tether, amid fears that it is being used to artificially inflate bitcoin prices.

Meanwhile in Germany, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) was planning a “case-by-case examination” of ICO tokens, while France’s Autorite des Marches Financiers, the country’s top financial watchdog, has announced all cash-settled cryptocurrency contracts are subject to the country’s strict derivatives laws as well as an advertising ban.

The UK Treasury Committee is also launching an inquiry into cryptocurrencies to investigate whether the technology behind Bitcoin poses a risk to central banking.
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re entry @ 10.300
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