BTCUSD Potential -30%/-50% Down! Take Care Your Asset!

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
The Price Running on the "Head and shoulder" style

12700 is important Support line!

If the price break the 12700

The next goal is 9350( AB=CD ,The D point @ 9350)

Target 1 9350

AB=CD ,The D point @ 9350

Target 5700

One Head Length (12700-7000=5700)
Dec 31
Dec 31
Trade ist aktiv
Jan 01
Kommentar: 800$ down
Jan 01
Kommentar: It running well
If bitcoin will be 6000 dolllar then how effect that Ripple ? Ripple will down too ? or if even Ripple gonna down together with bitcoin , Ripple can rise again quickly ? coould you share your opinion please ?

+1 Antworten
HJQI ribame4
@ribame4, for the AB=CD you can try buy it @ 9000
@HJQI, thanks for comment Happy new year :)
nsge ribame4
@ribame4, When BTC was going down, ripple was going up. I don't think it will affect ripple very much.
HJQI nsge
@nsge, yes,it is good idea
@nsge, thanks for your opinion Happy new year :)
I operate at Binance, I sold at $ 12,655.95, and now it's already at 13K, what do you recommend? wait or buy again?
+2 Antworten
HJQI ViniciusBr
@Viniciu05178358, I prefer to keep crash
HJQI ViniciusBr
@ViniciusBr, I sold @ 14000
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