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Good morning traders,

Yesterday I called the top @ 8579, this morning I'm calling for another bottom.

Key Notes:

1) We're overbought on 1,3,4,8,12 hour stochs
2) Momentum indicators are showing the current trend is dying down
3) Bearish divergence is warning us not to buy the next dip.

Anythings of course possible in this crazy market right now, but indicator wise, we're looking downwards.

Best of luck, trade safe, conservative, and wisely.

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Trade ist aktiv: Test lower did not materialize, looking for a test of 9500 zone in the coming hours/days

Kommentar: Divergence on MACD, look for a buy opportunity lower around 8200, if that fails back towards 8k, if BTC is going to break up, it needs to do it in within the next day
Kommentar: This has been invalidated, looks the original chart is still a-go.

BTC been acting crazy, we had our breakout, but as I mentioned on stream we had bearish divergence, just another failed breakout, we should be looking to a re-test much lower towards original zones, and if those don't catch possibly a new low around 5589
Kommentar: Everyone's been all over the place, myself included. My initial instinct yesterday of an upmove was correct, however be very skeptical of continuation, I, and many other traders, feel that a further correction is on the horizon. My money is currently in Ripple, and on the sidelines. Until then, trade safe, wise, and conservatively!
It looks like it’s seeing some momentum upward at the moment. You believe this is short term and still headed down in coming days?
ant187 CoinBro365
@CoinBro365, Depends on the daily candle close. Anything below 8200 and we're going down, hard, and fast.
Maybe on Monday it will touch 9000. As in my observation it has touch 8760 (more or less) 3 days ago, before pull back to 7550 (more or less, forget the exact price). Then up to between 7500 and 8200 Yesterday. And touch back to 8760 today. So maybe the price will pull back between 7800 to 8100 Tomorrow and in Sunday before retest to 9000 or 9500 in Monday or Tuesday.

Well as promise to :) Will take some position in BTC 8000, if go lower will put some more. And Automatic order for BCH in 1260, LTH in 827 and XRP in 0.75. If it touch then take it, but if not nothing to lose. Better try to set in low then in FOMO. And better try to bet again then just scare out and just watching this time.

Wish me luck. Always prepared for trend change by keep inform from your status and Mr. Gold as well as Mr.Alan.
Xenn77 Xenn77
@Xenn77, P.S sorry for my bad english
ant187 Xenn77
@Xenn77, Sounds good :D it's possible it doesn't break, anything is, but we have a ton of positive indicators on the longer term charts to support upwards movement, if it's going to break up, it's going to be most likely today
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Xenn77 ant187
@ant187, Yes anything is possible in Crypto market. If it touch 9000 Tonight (now in GMT+7) then, I will open position in 8500. :)

And please keep the update if anything change, sir.
Thanks Ant. Hope you will update this page regularly. Whats your discord page link bro?
Awesome Ant, thank you for the update. I thought I recognized the momentum slowing down but it's awesome to have it confirmed on your end. Happy trading my man.
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