A Tale of Two Pitchforks - The Case for $33,000 Before January

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Possible to bullishly invalidate another up trending Pitchfork here. I've added a 1.25 zone which fits both as resistance and support on either PF .

These together suggest price is either the top or bottom of the zone depending on trend speed shift. More likely than not that this will represent more bullish invalidation of an up trending pitchfork which gives the possibility of $33,000 before January. It's more likely that we hit ~$18,000 as this represents the mean of the trend.
Kommentar: broke out of left PF, hit ML on right PF

...hold onto your butts
Kommentar: diag resistance + ML retest

looking good for continuation after short consolidation here
Kommentar: diag resistance holding for now

next stop 23k+
Kommentar: the year isnt over!
I'm also coming back to check this from time to time.

Seems like to me that pitchfork on the right side was invalidated since the price broke far outside. @IAmSatoshi, do you think left pitchfork is still valid?
Interesting looking at these today. Came back just to see where the price was on the two pitchforks.

Regardless, maybe we get there Jan 14th...who cares! : )
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The parabolic trend is over and done. 33k in 9 days ? what lmao
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back to test 16500 before next run I'm thinking?
MDajani MDajani
more like 12-13.. who knows with this BCH drama
@MDajani, good shout
is this still in play (before January)?
noice! this would be fkn awesome.
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