The biggest and the real Drop for all coins Coming or not ?

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Today we will talk about two important points.

as we see every two days we see bad movement for altcoins

First point

we say at last chart Bitcoin             like Dollar index            

we see good move at Bitcoin             still strong and calm

the altcoins as we explained this move is normal

why it is normal ?

at last 5 month we seen big move for all coins

all coins was growen between 1000% and 5000 % and more than 8000 % at some coins

so if coin drop 50 % or 70 or 90 % its normal

like bcn bcn go up from 0.00000008 and was go up until got 0.00000278 almost get 3800 %

yes bcn now drop more 74%

but is 74 % its nothing form 3800 %

yes i know it is big loss happen so far

but real loss happened when you decided it and sell on loss

in cyrpto not margin call

Second point

all traders until now They are terrified Of occurrence same secnario Which happened in 2012 2013

so they keep Dollar or stop trade for while

from my side It will be a stupid step

why that ?

all Traders old or new they will Believe in the cyrpto coins it is big scam

Although this is related to some news that may be true or false which will happen or not or perhaps will not have an effect Like soft or hard fork or something like that

the market will back for normal and good movement

After investors panic gone

my advice keep eye on btc             if btc             have big drop we will see a sea of blood

if you gain profit get out until next month

if you wont trade just scalping

and use capital management

about capital management

for who is do not know about that

just use 10 % or 20 % or 50 % from your capital for tarde

and also keep available money to big moves or Sudden moves

for active trade check your SQL analysis

end of text

Sorry for that much talk

and as always i do

we ask allah reconcile and repay
Kommentar: we start play
Kommentar: we still on bloody mode
Thanks for the tips keep up the work and I surely didnt mind if you wrote even more.
HamadaMark PRO TeddytheBear
@TeddytheBear, thanks bro god willing we will add more
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Thanks a lot , you are the best ...Allah blesses you
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Hoballah Hoballah

Good big vision
Hoballah Hoballah
I really I like your wild vision
+1 Antworten
Hoballah Hoballah
I really I like your wild vision
just bravo, bro!
Great Tip, Thanks !
@Andy1, u are welcome bro
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All praises is belonging Allah.
Thank you for giving enlightment me from a different views related with the big wave in the altcoins market which is different with any others opinions that always suggest to buy A, B or C coins to survive in this situation.
I have a question, a newbie question actually, in what value should I buy BTC in this situation, so I can start to join trading for next month?
Thank you for your kindly to answer my question.
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