BTC GO TO 8.6K + WHY? read

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There are many importan people that talk about the fact that the btc will continue to fall, but my indicators show me the opposite, at least it will not go down this week, nor below 6K.

Remember that the market plays with your mind, psychology is very important at this time. do not get carried away by fear.

Ok guys, I just finished my next analysis of BTC , this time, we will go up to 20% from now, the first target would be 8.6k, but we know our market is quite volatile, we will reach a little over 9.3k, therefore it is excellent for our pocket if we have it in BTC . After this we will have to follow a small move that will take us back to 5K, however, during the next 2 or 3 days will only be active, therefore, this will be great for our investments. The BTC will remain above 8K for several days, however, I do not give it more than 10 days to start its new correction that will take us to 5K

For those who do not understand what the green line that I put in the RSI means, it means that it will not break it and that where the circle shows its first bounce down, after this, it will go back up and touch it once again, to in this way indicate the new lowering of BTC . However, for now, several days are needed for this to happen, for now enjoy a bull market!!

Remember, this is my analysis. Feel free to make the exchanges that seem to you combine, once again I say goodbye.

Thank you
Kommentar: Friends as we can see, the graph has been met very well and the record predict this before '' the big ones '' however, down a bit of 7500, just to consolidate, do not be scared. tomorrow in the course of the day as it continues on its way to our goal 8.6K

Good Night
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: Our first Target was fulfilled! let's wait a slight correction, to go to the second target 9.3 K
Kommentar: Take data, in this next target 9.3K, it would be healthy to sell in 9.1K to ensure profits. However, if you want to take the risk, keep climbing, it is your responsibility
Kommentar: I regret informal but the new objective 9.3K is not going to meet, I recommend selling at 8.4K, we take profits and we wait for the next correction that is already coming! If you continue after that, you will do it under your irrigation
Trade ist aktiv
I follow all your analysis, thanks for making me win BTC.
OzzySalas rdsalazar1
@rdsalazar1, youre welcome my friend!
so you are saying it will hit6k to night
OzzySalas dogalkozmatik
@dogalkozmatik, no my friend, that would be impossible. but in the next 20 hours hit 7K easy, and after 6K with the days
I hope those 9k
OzzySalas alberthpay
@alberthpay, no doubt my friend, we will pass the 9K.
so you are saying it will hit 5k?
OzzySalas TheLeopard
@TheLeopard, my friend, we will see the BTC in 5.1K soon, however. It will not be this week. for now we can continue to enjoy this market, I will make new graphics before it starts to go down so they know ahead of time and take their precautions.
Excelente Analisis!!!
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OzzySalas camilo16
@camilo16, Gracias hermano!
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