BNC:BLX   BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin
The parabolic move is undoubtedly the most sought after pattern for traders and investors with huge upside in a short space of time with followed by a blow off top.

Typically there are several periods of consolidation or 'bases' which are established with increasing range between each of the moves.
The final phase is a usually the most violent in its upside before a strong correction which breaks several of the previous levels of support.

I think its fair to say Bitcoin             is within such a move and most likely coming to the end.

Im calling top at a maxout of this move being $20k but could end sooner.
A collapse could see bitcoin             return to somewhere between $2 and $3k- i would lean towards $3k

Im certainly not bearish quite yet, but we saw some serious volatility at $10k - imagine what it will be like at $20k.
A lot of people will have made a lot of money and profits will be taken:

Just to put this in to perspective, lets say you bought 100 BTC             at the start of the year for $100k. By $20k/BTC this will be $2m in holdings. This is enough for any average man to retire upon. Watch how quickly the libertarian hodl attitude melts away when they are literally kissing goodbye to their lottery ticket. The panic will be significant and is probably underestimated due to the euphoric feeling we all have today.

My advice would be not to short this beast. There is plenty of potential to nearly double in price. Take some profits on the way up.. You can’t go bust by doing that.

Hope you found this useful.
All the best.
Kommentar: i didnt mean for doomsday to be Dec 25th ;D
Kommentar: Here is another idea i posted recently which concurs with the celing on this chart.

I am not saying this is the asoloute top, but i will be very cautious above these levels.

Kommentar: Dumpage has commenced
Kommentar: If we break down:

Kommentar: Opposing argument is that this also happened after the epic 5-3k dump.
You need to be on your toes to take action whether youre long or short!

Kommentar: Here's some possible outcomes of this correction

Kommentar: just to be clear we have not "...broken several of the previous levels of support" in fact, we have broken none.
Kommentar: 7.5k broken - next legit support at 5k.. although as i keep saying, if the market maker wants blood, this is the level to blow through and create true capitulation.
Kommentar: Trying to keep things in one place, but keep forgetting..

this idea is maturing quite well quite well indeed
Good calls.
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Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. Would it be too much trouble to publish the snapshot from Feb 2 as an idea instead of a snapshot, so it can be followed? It would be interesting to come back to it a few months from now to see which trajectory the market chose. Thank you in advance.
filbfilb PRO kneztechbit
@kneztechbit, as you asked so nicely :)
you are genius. can you update?
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Any update please
Hi @filbfilb , impressive !
Could you update this TA please ?
Thank you so much !
I have been around TV for a while, subscribing to ideas and predictions of trades, almost no one is ever right on BTC.
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you are really genius !
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highly agree !!
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