BCNBTC I see here potential for big returns

POLONIEX:BCNBTC   Bytecoin / Bitcoin
When I'm looking on chart I see big potential for big movement some time in future. Pair established solid support between 4 and 6. I would like to see round number like 5 but it is not case here. This support area holds losses for almost 6 months. I don't see any candle formation or any other known to me pattern which I could apply here.

I see here potential to double triple or quadruple of stake.

Risk is that pair could go down to 1 that's why I wouldn't put stop loss because I strongly believe that there are pending orders just below 6 which will give boost to rise again.

Look at the huge doji candle from 31st of may. This pair has potential to rise up for fourth time in my opinion.

If you would like to take my advise and trade it I would suggest to invest only stake you are comfortable with and don't expect returns in short time. Just invest and wait till it will reach your desired level. I put in chart some levels I believe pair will hit in future. Pair is testing round number 10 for time being.

1. Green I'm pretty sure (this one is based on highest high from 2015)
2. Orange It is probable ( round number )
3. Yellow there is a small chance based on Fibonacci projections
4. Blue maybe based on Fibonacci projections
5. 361.80% who knows
There is alot of speculation. I had hours conversations with people within the community. Because it was the second coin behind bitcoin some people believe it was put to sleep to see how it could function on a large market cap. I found articles on the web and suggestions that the people behind it wanted to hide their identity in fear of world governments lash back. Its all speculations but 80% held by some people that would probably release some to influence the markets. Hec knows im keeping my million coins. Hate to go down the road thinking back like I am doing with bitcoin. If you have some good articles post it so we can look at it.
Krystiannwk Worldminer
I'm not following any news articles etc. I'm just looking for good enter level and I'm looking for possible TP place where I would close trade. My analysis is based just on what I see on the chart. There are few guys which are dealing with informations and are trying to predict big wave.

Bytcoin *could* triple - but not much more I think within next few months. I'm looking for the next 10x right now... willing to hold for 1 year or more, but bytecoin just isn't offering much.
Krystiannwk chuckwilliams37

even double is perfect return from investment don't U think ?
Do you think bytecoin could reach a $1? What would the market cap have to be in order for it to reach a $1?
Krystiannwk BeingCryptic
I not really checking this, I'm just trying to predict egat will happen based on tge chart only. I dont think either that anyone wuold expect thst bitcoin will go from 10 cents to 1000, same with dash. Based on this informations I'm trying to to predict what can happen. Anyway I think that 39 is probable and the other levels could happen just i matter of hours like it was in 2015.
jonnyrich007 BeingCryptic
@BeingCryptic, nobody knows the future or what people will clamor for. Just look at Bitcoin in 2009 for reference. And the crash in 2013. Nobody knows. Nobody. So tgere is nothing wrong with sitting on 2,000,000 BCN and waiting 7 years. Ignore the haters & shortsighted people. It may be worth $20 Million or 20 cents. Risk & reward is yours.
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