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Here is my buy back target I will be waiting for but I do not think we will have to wait very long so be ready. You can see the blue trend line that we placed close to the start of the rally will remain intact thus confirming a bullish continuation.
Kommentar: Yes a nice bounce off the 50 but it is likely to stay under the 20 and head back down. The 50 won`t provide a reversal in my opinion so look for 650 if you want to play this move IMO.
Kommentar: I see now it`s already on 650. This is dangerous territory IMO.
Kommentar: Sorry guys... did not get anywhere close to my target which shows you how incredibly bullish big daddy bitcoin's little brother is... Well... onward and upwards hey? Hope everyone made out OK.
Kommentar: Please click on my chart for an explanation

Kommentar: click on the chart for the update

Kommentar: I must grab some sleep now... long day
Kommentar: please click on the chart to see my notes. Guys I work in northern Canada in a mining camp and work a 12 hour day at my job. It is not always possible that I can respond to your messages and comments in a timely fashion so please be patient. I'm not a professional trader... just a regular working guy.

Kommentar: Look at the original chart I did above...

the retrace is necessary to the previous high...
Its going between 590 and 605 just sitting there , do u think we should hit up again soon ? I rushed got in at 620 when i thought we are going up again :)
Thank you so much, pray the best for you
Time to buy back all in? What do you think is the risk of a new dip?
@thisisfabiop, no I think we should all get back in
thisisfabiop graham.edwards84
@graham.edwards84, what if this is a local max and we're going down again? 630->620 already
thisisfabiop thisisfabiop
@thisisfabiop, MA9 diverging down from MA20, MACD converging.. what is that I'm reading wrong?
@thisisfabiop, yes it is possible but my opinion is that it will drop only enough here to gain the support it needs to move higher
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@thisisfabiop, really strong rally I'm always surprised. BTC too. Well I heard that one exchange in the US had 100 000 new members in one day. The hordes are moving in.
thisisfabiop graham.edwards84
@graham.edwards84, in my opinion if it goes under 613 it will go a lot more deep, if up over 624 we'll have consolidation up
MiljanMarkovic thisisfabiop
@thisisfabiop, lol where did u get those numbers :D
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