BCHBTC bearish divergence, target reached, back to 0.1

As title says

BCHBTC always range between 0.1 & 0.2, though usually closer to 0.1 than 0.2.

Now in reversal zone, if bitcoin goes down BCHBTC will go down; if bitcoin goes up BCHBTC will go down.
Kommentar: is there going to be a fork pump? wondering.

hope so, so I can short it again
Kommentar: can't believe bch managed to stand above 0.15 btc for so long
I shorted from 0.18 to 0.15. Will short again soon :)
MtGox trustee just moved another 8200 BTC and BCH out of cold wallets. That means he also thinks price is at max and it's a good time to sell !
DrJLT christophelorenz
@christophelorenz, interesting. I do think the price is about the top for a while. few months ago I thought that if we crashed under 10k we shouldn't be seeing 10k this year, not so early.

2017 obviously a bubble. the tech is solid but many scam projects (too many) need to go to 0 before the market will make new highs
@DrJLT, The biggest market buy orders were close to the bottom :

#0 1282 BTC 7074$ 2018-03-31 14:03:26
#1 1000 BTC 7096$ 2018-04-09 03:27:52

The biggest are probably close to the top too :

#2 -999 BTC 9407$ 2018-04-28 22:34:45
#3 -978 BTC 9406$ 2018-04-28 22:34:45

This only covers data up to 7 march. I'm download the rest of the data now for processing.

That period covered is 8 million trades and 1.5GB of data compressed in gzip ...
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DrJLT christophelorenz
@christophelorenz, smart money buy low sell high.
tepmoc christophelorenz
@christophelorenz, there was huge shadow candle on bitfinex with about 6,5K trade
@tepmoc, I'm recording all book orders executed on bitfinex a and binance in a DB.
I'll check if I can find it.
But last 16K BTC and 16K BCH the guy sold wasn't in one go.

He claims he's now doing it OTC and not on public exchange... I think it's true but doesn't change a thing.
The guy buying it can easily sell it in one go just after.
christophelorenz christophelorenz
@christophelorenz, I don't log BCH actually ... so I can't confirm that move... But nothing significant was slold in BTC/USD in one order.
Of course they can still sell 82 times 100 BTC over many hours and be undercover... Might be what's happening now with the drops.
good stuff man, like it
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So this should start after may 15, after fork will happens, people who expect free money will be disappointed. As fork itself doesn't bring anything on table (in that exact day), but rather longterm.
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