AUDUSD - 1500 Pips+ Let us catch some sharks!

FX:AUDUSD   Australischer Dollar/U.S. Dollar
AUDUSD - 9thJan 2018

Hi, Excited to come up with the first video on AUDUSD for the year 2018. You would be wondering what are these - Great White , Port Jackson, Zebra, Thresher, Tiger, Oceanic White, Great Hammerhead, Grey Nurse. Is it some kind of zoo- correct! - If I would have been in your place would have had same thought process & imagination but let us not allow our imagination to run & fly -hold ourself.

Well, if you google them you will get to know that these are shark species found in Australia which are dangerous to catch & some of them even have state wide ban as well for catching like Great White & Grey Nurse.

As an Analyst and Trader, I am just bothered about only 2 species - bearish shark & bullish shark & these days there are lot of bearish sharks in Australian Dollar Waves.

To catch these sharks we need TFR - Trader's fishing rod & before we even do that - we need to find them using Analyst Spectacles.

Before we dip into current structure to catch these sharks. Let me just tell you some basics about TradingView Platform. Visibility Factor which is most important to find these sharks - If they are not visible - you cannot find them & if you cannot find them - How will you catch them- as simple as that......

Unlike sharks available in Australia they are huge in size & hence visible but sharks which are seen & available in our markets can deceive a trader & analyst so you need to have proper visibility factor or shoud be able to use visibility feature to find & catch these sharks.

1500 Pips+ Let us catch some sharks - Are you ready ! So, let's begin...............


Can the bearish shark from 0.7875 give us another big move - likely expecting to travel to 0.7200 & below 0.7200 for 0.6800 levels next holding 0.7875 as top or near by top.
Trade ist aktiv: 20:06 Hrs 10th Jan2018

Last Price@0.7833

Got chance to sell close to tops@0.7875 at 0.7865

Trade ist aktiv: 08:45 Hrs 11th Jan2018

Last Price@0.7868

Top isn't confirmed yet as it is doing whipsaw moves up & down between 0.7880-0.7900

Next - We will sell below 0.7865 keeping strict stops above 0.7900 - It should not sustain above 0.7900 mark else we need to come back again to check the structure.

Trade ist aktiv: 13:26 Hrs 11th Jan2018

Last Price@0.7865

Let us wait for some more time as it poked & got new high@0.7885- waiting at sidelines.
Trade ist aktiv: 18:44 Hrs 11th Jan2018

Last Price@0.7867

Bigger Picture

Possible Wedge formation could end the structure close to 0.7898 -previous highs shown as red horizontal line in bigger picture snapshot.

Wedge formation zoomed in 30 mins snapshot - looks like we are heading close to a top if correct then guys be ready & tighten your seat belts as going below 0.7855-0.7860 after making new highs close to 0.7897 or slightly upside but below 0.7925 at max

So, fall could take first to 7810 as initial target where it likely will hold if it starts falling from wedge structure as suggested.

Bigger Picture

Wedge Formation
Trade ist aktiv: 06:54 Hrs 12th Jan2018

Last Price@0.7889

Wow! as expected we got the upside leg making new high@0.7905- falling below 0.7880 & 0.7855 shall be the clue for a possible top as discussed overnight.

Short Term Chart - 30 Mins

Long Term Chart - Weekly
Trade ist aktiv: 14:07 Hrs 13th Jan2018

Last Price@0.7913

Had a fall from 0.7905 but did not sustain below 0.7855 lows as expected - making a low@0.7848 & turned upside for new highs@0.7913

We shall wait next to see how it moves in next week session & later decide the entry point.

Trade ist aktiv: 20:16 Hrs 19th Jan2018

Last Price@0.8005

Recent High@0.8039 - We have final shark below 0.8125 Highs & pattern turns complete bullish as going above 0.8125 - we will search for bullish opportunities on every dip that is alternate strategy

Current Strategy

There is a bearish shark & this update is all about catching sharks so here we have final shark - going below 0.7990 - we will sell & once it falls deep then we will trail the stops to cost @0.7990 so that we don't lose anything. Have a nice weekend.

Trade ist aktiv: 11:19 Hrs 23rd Jan2018

Last Price@0.7991

Holding above 0.7978 - can have short term bounce -again small shark for a bounce to 0.8030 highs as small upside target

Trade ist aktiv: 19:49 Hrs 23rd Jan2018

Last Price@0.7970

Dipped below 0.7960 & bouncing - doing zigzag structure we will wait for the bounce above 0.7970 likely holding below 0.8030 (key resistance level) - searching to sell on bounce next.
Trade ist aktiv: 21:34 Hrs 23rd Jan2018

Last Price@0.7990

Got a bounce of 20-30 pips from o.7970 to 0.7998 - Next holding below 0.8000 - shall be looking for a fall which can take the pair below 0.7960 Next but with strict stops above 0.8000

Trade ist aktiv: 18:48 Hrs 26th Jan2018

Last Price@0.8088

No sell positions above 0.8000 mark - pushed upside to 0.8119 highs which is very close to the highs of 0.8125 where this fall started to 0.7500 mark.

We shall sell again once it drops below 0.8074 with strict stops above 0.8100

Trade ist aktiv: 21:20 Hrs 26th Jan2018

Last Price@0.8099

Gave a small move below 0.8074 to 0.8061 - need to sustain below 0.8074 for us to consider deep downside move else shall wait outside.
Trade ist aktiv: 13:03 Hrs 6th Feb2018

Last Price@0.7862

Sustains below 0.8074 as suggested last & Global Markets Crack which is just an initial sign of the fall

Trade ist aktiv: 19:35 Hrs 8th Feb2018

Last Price@0.7820

Next Sell below 0.7785 or we wait for the bounce in the zone 0.7910 - 0.7915 if faces resistance upside then we need to check for selling

Trade ist aktiv: 20:15 Hrs 12th Feb2018

Last Price@0.7840

No shorts / sell positions above 0.7810 -some retracements are required for the fall from 0.8135- 0.8119 zone

Trade ist aktiv: 19:03 Hrs 14th Feb2018

Last Price@0.7800

Falling Sharply below 0.7825 -earlier bounce expected which took pair to 7890 highs so be careful as it could move in downside direction below 7825

Trade ist aktiv: 06:45 Hrs 22nd Feb2018

Last Price@0.7795

High possibility of forming a head & shoulder pattern with right shoulder pending - holding above 0.7770

Trade ist aktiv: 14:59 Hrs 1st March2018

Last Price@0.7725

Falllllllll started from Right Shoulder Top @0.7890 - pair first pushed upside @0.7800 to 0.7890 & fall from 7890 to 7725 - At 7600 - Head to Neckline Vertical Distance will be completed.

Trade ist aktiv: 20:45 Hrs 16th March 2018

Last Price@0.7723

Zone of 0.7890 - 0.7900 has been crucial zone - we got another impulsive leg downside which can travel close to 0.7600 & lower @0.7555

Best Regards,
Abhishek H. Singh, CMT
India Regional Manager
| LinkedIn
India Markets-BSE, NSE chat room- https://in.tradingview.com/chat/#b4sFOMIVqPkq8gfQ
we may print a pinbar on the daily close later *hopefully..
AbhishekHSinghCMT louie.angelo.collera
@louie.angelo.collera, Market never works on assumptions. So, we should trade if we see some weakness rather than assuming else we will be trapped in a trade. Let us have some patience as I am talking about 0.7200 /0.6800 levels which is 600 - 1000 pips downside which market will not give easily.
louie.angelo.collera AbhishekHSinghCMT
@AbhishekHSinghCMT, I agree. No such weakness still in AUDUSD as of the moment
Hi AUDUSD trading below .7865, should we sell now?
@Vinodrathi, We will wait for some more time to execute the trade.
Vinodrathi AbhishekHSinghCMT
@AbhishekHSinghCMT, ok thanks
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