Cardano: $1.35 By 2Q 2018

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
I like this coin. Really like it. This prediction is VERY conservative. Like the bottom levels of where I think this coin will hit. But I am always conservative on my targets because you would rather have your target hit, than for it to fall far short due to over-optimism. Targets often fall short, and I think it's very likely that these will be hit.

We have a long-term position building up here soon, as I think this wave is pretty much done. So the next update to this post will be where is the next best entry. I am also looking to take advantage of wave 5 here and placing a re-entry position similar to Verge. Now I will definitely update on the progress, and I'm nearly sure that this wave 3 is too short - I'm just not going to change it.

We have the jaws of wealth forming here, and if you want to miss this coin. Then good luck to you.

Target 1: $0.707

Target 2: $1.048

Target 3: $1.356

Like I said, I will update with short term projections and entry levels. Expect one coming up very shortly. Also, the freaking satoshi on here... I just converted the values to USD. NO IDEA what it will be in terms of satoshi. But I have an idea on USD (if it followed this same "satoshi" pattern" and that's what these targets represent. The time frame is also viable to shorten on this. Always react to price, never time.

Guys, It is literally a DIFFERENT WORLD doing wave analysis in Satoshi. So I calculated the dollar values of the past impulse waves and retraces and they are NOTHING as they appear. After wave 1, Cardano only retraced about 35% in its run, NOT 72%, it just got extremely outpaced by Bitcoin.

Right now, it looks like Cardano is still sitting around its ATH.

NOPE! It's high was around $0.59 and its currently at about $0.47. It's already retraced 20%! Someone PLEASE save the crypto community and create a USD based cryptocurrency that we can use for transactions and fully TRUST it. LOL.

Anyways, I will do my best to continue to convert these prices to USD. I advise you all to get apps that have the USD pair for every coin.

So I'm looking for a retrace between $0.34 and $0.27. The $0.34 target is looking like the best bet here.

This is probably one of the most attractive risk to rewards that I've had yet (in the instance that you pick it up at $0.27.

(Check graph for values in Satoshi - all Satoshi values are as if Bitcoin does not change in price)
Entry: $0.27 - $0.34
Stop Loss: $0.22
Target: $0.707
Target Range: $0.647

RR: 10.08
Chance to Gain: 166.4%
Chance to Lose: 16.51%
Trade ist aktiv: Cardano reached our target box a few days at $0.31. But you would never freaking know *cough cough *SATOSHI cough*. However, we've dipped down a bit here, and it's possible we can even go lower. But I'm opening the trade because I think we're hitting our bottom for this correction. It's just really hard to tell with satoshi guys. TRADING VIEW SAVE US. Good luck!

Anybody else feeling this big explosion coming? Might not, but it's showing potential. Hit our buy box twice and is showing a lot of potential! No idea where it will be satoshi wise, but dollar value has this thing hitting at least $0.65.
Kommentar: Resistance is broken on BTC. Short-term target is 4000 Sat. Up 15 cents from entry point. How do we file proposals for dollar value calculation to tradingview?
Kommentar: Looks like Cardano just became available for Tether trading on Bittrex. This is the start for our move towards $0.70. USDT paired charts where you at??

USDT paired charts don't have enough information for me. I've seen Verge, NXT, Ripple, Stellar, and many more hit extended 5ths after their extended 3rd waves. This is possible here.

Expecting rejection at each fib level. Around $0.74 is likely, $0.86 is possible. Staying in after targets are reached is dangerous

BOOM! PERFECT HIT! Best thing yet? We're not done!! This was only wave 3. One thing I've learned about Cryptos is that they liveee by the peak, this peak was very sharp and we're on our wave 4 correction. $0.86 here we come!
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: Welp, We're looking like we are in the ABCDE forward bearish pattern for wave 5. In other terms, I THINK we are topping out. This can very well go north, and I will buy into the strength, but now we are playing a risky game and I will take profit.
Kommentar: Forgot to say, Congrats to those who got in! We're looking at a 100% RETURN in just a FEW DAYS from when this trade was active. We surpassed our big target of $0.70 and we are on course to hitting the $1.35 target set for the first half of this year. A lot of money to be made on this coin!

Hey, I don't think we're done here. Let's get another 47% to add onto our big gain. Thank you Pisces for that helpful information. Our target date is 3 days. Very sure this will happen. We should shoot for at least 7k Sat (If Bitcoin remains stable, lol).
Trade ist aktiv

OMG LMAO. Guys, let me just give you all a peace of mind. Everything this okay. We're back to the nornmal days. I think Bitcoin is done correcting LOL. We've only lost like 2 cents on actually dollar value. Bitcoin is just raging. I'm still in on this trade and I am not leaving until we reach my target of about 86 cents or so. I do some calculations after this is done so we can see where we're at.

This is why trading in Satoshi sucks... Anyways, If you are a long-term holder, this is probably the time to look into taking profits and re-entering at a lower price (once this target is reached).
Kommentar: Remember that target of 7231 Satoshi? Seems a lot more likely now. That would put us at a $1.09 valuation. I don't know about all of that but Its not NOT likely haha.

Continues to crush expectations! $1.09 is a real target? Let's hit it!
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht:

BOOM!! Another Perfect hit!! 7231 Satoshi!! It ended up as a market average value of $1.07. Now this thing can even go HIGHER! But I'm taking profit and closing this trade, this is where things can get risky. It could probably go as high as $1.15. But this is why you don't stop analyzing after targets are reached! We hit $0.86 and stayed through for the extra 20 cents! Now, I'm just going to be wise and risk losing out on another 10-20% profit rather than losing a lot. Another post will likely be a correction target for Cardano that could very well set up long positions.
I don't think TA alone is enough to determine the prices months out this far. you don't see meteorologists forecasting the weather for June 2019. Having worked in investment my who professional life it behooves to let people know on here that TA DOES NOT WORK THIS FAR OUT. let alone place trades confidently using Eliot Wave theory. Fundamentals ultimately will tell you more or even using Metcalfe's Law is a better measure. Either way we are in uncharted territory.
Eball8 pisces38
@pisces38, Distant projections are guidelines, not set in stone. I react to price, not time.
pisces38 Eball8
@Eball8, and these "guidelines" are based off what?? ...exactly what I'm describing.
Eball8 pisces38
@pisces38, Elliot wave and my indicators. Everyone has their own preference, I've been successful with this, I'm sure you've been successful with yours ways. All fair game, my friend. :D
pisces38 Eball8
@Eball8, Elliot wave theory isn't proven method. a lot of professionals will tell you that. a lot of experienced traders will tell you that. a lot of people that work on Wall St. will tell you that. this is why we have analysts that deep dig into the fundamentals for their longer term price targets. this isn't just me and my own methods. these methods are used by investment banks that hire CFAs and manage billions of dollars.
cryptodoom pisces38
@pisces38, I think we have no problems with fundamentals on this coin.
Eball8 pisces38
@pisces38, Hey. I remember you from this comment. I noticed that Cardano hit my target $1.35 not too long ago. I then shorted cardano, and it dropped. I would like you to check out my Dow Jones Post. Where i'm going through the price action of the Stock Market, and I think it may fall. People on Wall Street may argue with that. I'm curious to see what happens from here. :)
@Eball8, @cryptodoom, boom roasted
pisces38 Eball8
@Eball8, looks like you sold your position long before 1.35 though. and that was your price target for Q2 which was 3 months off still. The markets go up, the markets go down. people guess either direction, and when they get it right they feel like a genius. like i said you can't time these markets perfectly which in this case u didnt. you try trading with 500k or 1million at a time... and see how that goes without dropping the price on yourself. You can trade peanuts but not real stacks.

If the stock market drops it has nothing to do little with technical analysis. Tell me about how much you know about fractional reserving banking and the federal reserve and the FOMC, tell me in your charts how interest rates and M1 and M2 supplies are determined. Tell me how your charts will paint a narrative how on how large corporations are using using cheap money to buy back their outstanding stock with the proceeds from issued bonds. All this variables will come into play and the technical analysis won't tell you all this if the markets do drop.
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