ADABTC Sell time and re-buy low if breaks triangle! Simple chart

BITTREX:ADABTC   Ada / Bitcoin
ADABTC             Very simple chart here.

The key feature if the chart is the descending triangle , with lower highs (Light blue Line), and the same lows (Black line). Price is testing the lows at present and a break here would provide you the ability to short if your holding.

If you look on an Hourly, 4 Hourly or Daily Chart for a bar to break the black line, and then another to come back up to it, it you do this wait for another selling bar and you have an ABC , sell at the close of the third bar.

Target is the redline at 0.0002633 where you buy your position back.

Always remember if you want to make dollars your decisions need to make sense. This trade looks like it will break soon, please remember you are trading on potentially shorter time frames.
Kommentar: We have got the break we expected but we must wait for an entry. I will keep it updated
Kommentar: Hi Guys,

Sorry just wanted to update this as I have had someone ask me has he done something wrong he bought ADA when I posted and its going down.

Yes this trade will go down and the charts told us this, the purpose of posting this was allowing people to sell their ADA and if they wanted to re-buy it later I had place a target at the level the charts are telling me its heading.

Please always read my trades carefully, I will always have instructions but in most cases I suggest people don't buy until the breakout is confirmed, this is for the protection of yours, mine and everyones capital. This is how we trade.

A lot of trades on this site are posted as 'urgent' buy signals and people believe they must rush, traders know when I coin might break out so I prefer to post prior to break out if it doesn't happen we close the trade and walk away with no position opened nothing lost.

If we do break out everyone had their buy orders set no need to rush we can all relax.

A lot of trades that are posted after break out are risky as you didn't monitor the break, it could be a false break out etc. But some of the traders here are only learning to post charts so they see the green candles lining up and they can't wait to hit that publish button and tell you what a great find they had.

You will find I am far more relaxed and have been doing this for years so please read all instructions before opening a position.
Kommentar: ADABTC has broken the triangle as we expected. It is now testing recent lows. We are looking for some buying to push price up to a resistance such as the bottom of the Triangle to give us a better price to sell at.
Kommentar: We have had retracements and then reversals back to directions on both H and 4H charts. Neither retracement came back to our level so technically neither are set ups for us. The best of them is the H, which came back and tested the 50 ema. Both however are profitable at this stage.
Kommentar: Jonathan,

We are right at a minor support level, it may slow us down (not that this move quickly) but i cant see any reason to reverse off it at this point. We have another more serious level at 0.0000314. You could buy back some here
Kommentar: We are still around a minor support level, it may slow us down (not that this move quickly) but i cant see any reason to reverse off it at this point. We have another more serious level at 0.0000314. You could buy back some here
Kommentar: This continues exactly as we predicted
Followers I appreciate all of your support.

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so, time to buy?!
Nice !
Thanks for the nice tip..following you...Best regards...
Nice,simple analysis.
Thanks also for the note and instruction
Best of luck
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Hello, can you please explain why you set the resistance at 4071 and not, say, 3700? Thank you! (Also, bonus question: How did you set the target? Double thanks!)
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Hi, nice to meet you.
I'm interested in Ada for a long term hold. no time to trade. I think this one has a good potential

I see you recommend to buy at around 0.0002633btc
Isn't it too low?
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gasperkosmac Dieter1983
@Dieter1983, same here...have been waiting to go down in comparison to bitcoin quite a while now. i have my orders set starting at 0.00038btc though. I’ll make them more spread out downwards.
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