The Cardano Megapump Dream

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
$ADA is showing signs of the beginning of an elliot wave megapump. Target 5k. Using correlation to last $XRP's big pump from last year.
4h RSI and 1h MACD seem to be very convinced that this run is not over yet. This pump will likely be much faster paced that $XRP last year, as Cardano seems to have a little less than 2x as volatile of a market cycle. Should be interesting to watch play out.

$XRP chart for correlation, $ADA is in the phase within the blue circle

Well... That escalated quickly.
I'm out with my trading stash. Got some locked up for long term hodl, but with bitcoin gearing up for another parabolic pump, I think it is safe to sit out for now. This finale pump was pretty lack luster, I wouldn't be surprised if $ADA still makes a run at 5k after taking a quick break or forming another bull flag.
Incredibly, the indicators and momentum are hinting that this run is not yet over. If it follows through the entire cycle, this is what i'm expecting to happen. Watch the parabolic blowoff and sharp pullback stage in the next 24 hours. Try to sell the top and buy the bottom and then hodl for 5k.
She's definitely not finished yet. 1h Macd crossover will probably trigger the pump. Price hanging steady about the 1h 50 SMA, which is rediculous after this pump, very very bullish.
Kommentar: No updates other than it isn't finished. 4h and 1h stoch are now bottomed and flipping bullish again. Could see one massive pump to 5k+ before the end of this run
Kommentar: I sold a while back, but I figure if you're still holding, anywhere between here and 10k is a solid sell
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht
Still holding . ADA is a megapump dream come true
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@ajdourgarian any update ?
Any update?
Thanks for the TA! Any update? Still looking to climb do you think? Thanks :)
So, should I buy in now or wait? IS BTC pump tomorrow going to drop this like a virgins dress on prom night?
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Dreaduke nedrob
@nedrob, I entered ADA even before looking at this post - I think its a COPY PASTE of IOTA :) Sit and watch the SKY now
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r.balejik Dreaduke
@Dreaduke, well nah men the tech is actually there -academics (one of them creatro of haskell) who want to have the contracts proven at the assembler level (top tier security) start with POS from beginning - I met a guy working for them who introduced me to their POS (which looked better than one ETH is planning) and my friend told me about that security - looks like a really solid project
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r.balejik r.balejik
@r.balejik, not a shit like IOTA which is just the hype and shitty tech
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pisces38 Dreaduke
@Dreaduke, lol are your really comparing this to IOTA which run off a centralized coordinator? please do your research before spewing nonsense like this.
Dreaduke pisces38
@pisces38, Nope mate :) I was compairing the price pattern and not the project.
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