BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
We are close to the next target 7318
Ada from Cardano, developped by formers people from Ethereum should be considered as the Neo and Eth killer?
New roadmap to be released very soon on the 5 th of january
Good luck if you continu to follow
Kommentar: Trade is active and we have still 1 day and 15 h from now before the news.
The team of ADA from CARDANO is very well rated in terms of skills.
I will take my capital out to secure it when close to the target and will let the gain runs in case of a rally and also to stay cool and relax.
Good luck
Trade ist aktiv: We have reached the target on the edge, I have taken my capital out now there is only the gain in. I am relax
From now we have to wait 1 day 4h before the new roadmap update.
So we have still space for a rally.
Good luck for who have followed it and thx for the like.
Kommentar: Sorry I have to tell it is really strange I have studied my chart and I have seen excatly on my target line, bearish divergence on volume before the dump.
Is there any one of my follower who is full of cash?
I don t need money but you can like my chart as it has been relevant, I only have 10 now!
Kommentar: Lol I am dead comon I know it is not you :)
Kommentar: Very Nice
We have a beautiful bullish pattern with a theoric target at about 10000/10700
And we have still 17hour before the roadmap update.
Good luck
Kommentar: the target is more close to 11000 than 10000 but we don t have to be greedy.
maybe we will have a rally on ADA?
Let s see
In any way only my gains are in my capital have been taken out, I am so relax :)
Kommentar: To the people who have followed my chart.
Note that something strange is going on, we are breaking all support without any reasons.
So take care with your position
Kommentar: supports are about
Trade ist aktiv: It was interesting to see what happened after my last post.
Someone with heavy bag of ADA to sell doesn t want the price to go down.
Trade ist aktiv: It seems that the update of the roadmap is already on twitter.
I don t know if it is the real or not but it is interesting.
Good luck
Trade ist aktiv: Crazy now on bittrex on the order book
bids (purchase): 1019 BTC
Asks (sales): 517 BTC
I won t sell my bag :)
Trade ist aktiv: 229 BTC to purchase ADA at 6800
No no no no I won t sell now
Kommentar: I have made many research to try to understand if the update published on twitter is a false or not.
It seems it is a fake.
Take care
Kommentar: Finally not the news is good
let pump
Any update bro?
@WvLRampage, Hi mate I will do an update tonight or tomorrow, Send my via PM twitter you entry point if you want my opinion. Now I am on LMCBTC but I didn t post any charts. mY entry point for LMCBTC is 1980 yesterday. News to be release this week end. check my twitter and technically we are at a key level.
What if I told you Jan 5th was already priced in?
Hi mate, thx for your post. I just want to underline that we have a bullish pattern with a theoric target and a catalyst in few days.
Nobody knows if it will pump again or not as the market is manipulated.
Maybe you are right maybe not.
The charts here are free and made by someone who is learning after being scammed by Dian Kemala.
So from this time I do my own charts and you are free to follow or not.
I am not running after likes or followers.
Good luke if you follow
Cryptographist Cryptographist
The trade
CoolShades Cryptographist
@Cryptographist, Thanks for your reply. We shall see what happens
@CoolShades, you re welcome, but it already happened even if it is not over for long terms, I am happy with my gains since the first chart published the 29 dec.
AS you can see I am not running any pump and dump group or any paid services.
All is free and handmade.
I could invest in marketing and promotion but I am not interested.
Even my laptop is a second hand one purchased 250$ ^^
I am only in the beginning with trade and charts so many things to discover and learn.
I am happy with that
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