Cardano(ADA) Try to Break Out $1usd before new year 2018.(Wave3)

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
Hello There, How are you Today?

Today a beautiful day for all Cardano Holder. Congratulation.

Since, 1 December 18. Increase of average Volume : $200M and today the higher $900M .

My strategy for new entry(Buy limit: 2551 and the lower 1704.

IF 1704 this mean market cap fall to 8M market cap. That mean possible the minor wave will happen. need a new counting.
IF 2551 this mean wave 3 will be countinue 3922 satoshi , for Test the price action from All investor@holder

My opinion on why we hold Cardano is its a new generation of blockchain which represent the third. Its peer-review proof of stake algorithm is at its finest when it uses haskell as the programming language. Other than that, cardano has better scalibility which represents 200-300 transaction in a second. Reaching the Goguen stage in approximately 18 days to come for a new update. Gogeun era will see the integration of smart contract. This will eventually lead Cardano into the next leading cryptocurrency in the market. That is why the wave is outstanding, even the price is 50 cents usd, you wont be regretting as it has a beautiful future.

any info can reply me.. thank you.

Trade ist aktiv: hello all, how are you today?

for information Im still holding and Buying until 3900-4000satoshi to make new profit.

For newcomer to ADA. welcome buddy.

Cardano will be a big cryptocurrency as it represents the most advance technology.
Forming proof of stake protocol that allows delegation, sidechains, subscribable checkpoints, and more advance feature.
Kommentar: hello there, how are you today?
wow, actually this week lot of rumors of bad down Trend for bitcoin and affected Altcoin.

In this sector bitcoin Is the king. and altcoin another future for a newbie to gain a million less than a 6 month.

For me believe in Cardano.

because this coin come from Experience, Scientist Ideology, New era of the blockchain.

at this moment I still hold the buy until a new counting for Fibonacci and Wiseman.
Trade ist aktiv: Still in buying position. any update will count again
Trade ist aktiv: Since 17 Cardano still maintains price at above 2500satoshi.

nothing to analysis still hold unless need a new counting if price breakout low then 1700satoshi.

still : Active Buy.

new setul will be possible minor wave iv. (legging@flat price)
Trade ist aktiv: hello there, How are today?
my chart creat on 17 December 2017, until now still in good position to hold Buying.

Price still cheap to buy. keep for future minimum 2 years. just suggestion if you buy in big Volume.

new update: Continue Buy
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: This Analysis Done reach the target. so I will make new counting for new chart
I think we will see a retrace to 1704 and even lower before the next leg upt to an ath. Last run it dropped from a high of 1690 to around 550 at the 0.236 fib from the high. If it does the same thing with this run it will go for sure to your target and maybe even lower. This assuming the current run is over, right now it seems to be consolidating and forming a neutral wedge on the 15 minutes. We'll see, i strongly hope for a retrace to add to my position... I made some nice money in the last two days but my objective was 100000 ada and at this price is a bit too much.
bullcavern bullcavern
@bullcavern, here's my chart and targets in the blue boxes
You took the words out of my mouth. I see this as Facebook and Etherum as MySpace... went very long and holding on this one.
I agree Cardano is the supreme blockchain technology it will be HUGE in 2018
Thanks for sharing!
well said man. But what if the possibility bitcoin market crash, the whole market volume is extremely high and may collapse after tomorrow introduction of bitcoin futures, what price do u see cardano falling down too??
nedrob baiyaproduction1
@baiyaproduction1, I think BTX is going to $2100 tomorrow. Probably wreak the alts....
nedrob nedrob
@nedrob, I meant BTC...
MahyarDean baiyaproduction1
@baiyaproduction1, most of the times when btc pulls back altcoins grow!
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gjmullen MahyarDean
@MahyarDean, good observation. cryptocurrency markets are starting to identify into sectors, and just like the stock markets money will flow out of some sectors and into others. the crypto market has everything coming into the space: real estate, finance, banking, energy, commodities, and some unique new industries.
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