Cardano (ADA) - Buying Opportunity - 750%+ Profit - Long Term

BITTREX:ADABTC   Ada / Bitcoin
Hello Guys,

This one of my favorite project in the Crypto space. Currently sitting at 5th in Coin-market-cap.

Looking into the chart, Nice and Perfect Elliott Wave formation happened.

Also, History of the chart (not much though) tells us the correction is around 65% which is exactly where we can see the Elliott Wave ends (approx.)

Buying Targets,

Target 1: 0.00003924
Target 2: 0.00003635
Target 3: 0.00003169

This is definitely a long term Hold coin.

Once we reach the Target we could see 750-1000%+ profit for long term. I will add the profit chart once the wave completed.

Kommentar: Safe buying region is 0.00003500 - 0.00003924
Kommentar: We are approaching our buying region. There is lot of support at 0.00004150. which can act as reversal too but till now there is no sign for it. MACD cross will happen in a day or two. That would be sign for our reversal.
Kommentar: We have reached our first buying Target. Which leaves us with remaining two Target (buying).

Target 2: 0.00003635
Target 3: 0.00003169

Downtrend may continue for a while. Target 3 is little hard but possible.
Kommentar: If you are targeting for long you can start buying in this region.
Kommentar: We are falling pretty fast than expected. Now I feel, the possibility of Target 3 is high and achievable . MACD, RSI and Histogram, all showing a strong down trend.
Kommentar: We almost reached our Target 2. From this point, any time reversal may happen. I believe the fall have almost came to an end. But no big signs yet. Let's see. Good luck!
Kommentar: We reached Target 2.

One more Target to go.

Target 3: 0.00003169
Kommentar: Decision Time. Are we gonna see reversal now or hit the target 3 and then reversal. As I mentioned earlier, Safe buying region is 0.00003500 - 0.00003924.
Kommentar: Expecting reversal any moment from now. There was a huge support little above our Target 3.
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: We have achieved our Target 3 and Everything looks Bullish from here. May consolidate side-wise. Slowly but surely we are moving up.
Thank you!
srinath1908 cinvestment
@cinvestment, Welcome :)
and what about now? it is buy sign?
srinath1908 Yasmin111
@Yasmin111, We are still down trending in this one but it's been slow. No sign of reversal till now. consolidation may happen and waiting for the MACD to give reversal signal.
Great chart! Namaste!
srinath1908 ragsramesh
@ragsramesh, Thank you
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