Covered call on AAPL

For those who have shares, I do not think this one get's called away. I always like getting paid to be 'paytient'.
The last one expired JUST fine. I could easily see AAPL having some SOLID sales #'s over the holidays and IF I got exercised up here, I wouldn't cry about it. I can always buy to close the sold call if needed.

Trend is still bullish .
Kommentar: Nice pull back and dip buying opportunity on AAPL off of the 10 ema on the weekly chart. I was looking for bull put spreads on AAPL for Jan or Feb. I am only getting around 10% ROI. Which isn't BAD for AAPL... it's just not great. Likely AAPL breaks out of here and I could easily see $200 for AAPL in 2018.
Kommentar: PS. Buying to close the $190 covered call which was sold for .80 and BTC for .23. Realizing around 60% of my gain for 1 month left, no need to hold it open (for me)

Thanks for helping us Enrich Lives!
it is always aapleasure to read you and see your vids. just writing to say that i believe this has a little more room to go up. Not personally on aapl but i do believe you should hold for a little bit.
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@thesniper, I appreciate the comments and kind words! I Absolutely agree. As mentioned above "Likely AAPL breaks out of here and I could easily see $200 for AAPL in 2018." I was just buying to close the covered call as most of my premium was realized and in CASE AAPL has a Christmas surge on sales (very possible) I didn't want to have my upside capped. AAPL.. going higher eventually. : )
thesniper Reallifetrading
@Reallifetrading, awesome I did get some goog tho haha have a nice weekend!
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