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LazyBear - MTF Panes

Anmelden für $ 26.0/Monat
Multi Timeframe Panes package contains 5 indicators that show information from four user-configurable timeframes in a single pane, allowing you to assess the market state quickly and correctly. These MTF panes include often-used indicators - RSI, Williams %R, Moving Averages and Squeeze - making them indispensable for either long term play or for scalping.

For squeeze, both COG squeeze and BB/KC squeeze panes are included. The ability to mark the price bars with squeeze on all timeframes (user selectable) makes trading break-outs and options easy and more rewarding.
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Anmelden für $ 29.0/Monat
Knoxville Divergence, displayed as red lines under price or above price, signal when a financial instrument has reached an extreme and is ready for a reversal. Combined with Booker Reversal tabs (green for buys and red for sells), this is a powerful method for timing counter-trend moves, or using lower time frame charts to trade into a trend on short term pullbacks.
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Anmelden für $ 25.0/Monat
Swing•Genie combines three Indicators, that both signal the approach of potential trading opportunities and then guides the Swing / Day trader through the profitable range of each parabolic arc. Combined, these indicators determine and communicate to the trader, optimal entry signals and then continuously updates the trader on what the status of your trade currently is, allowing you to make entry/exit decisions with a level of confidence and profitability no other swing/day trading platform provides. Visit StockDotGenie.Com for complete details on each easily mastered and fully described indicator as well as trading guides, articles on trader's resources and strategies.
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Synergy Trading

Anmelden für $ 29.99/Monat
"Buy Sell" indicator is simple yet powerful trading signals based on years of trading experience that will help you consistently profit from the market. It works on all tickers that are supported by Trading View, including currencies, crypto currencies, stocks and indexes. Works on all timeframes and suitable for intraday, swing and investment style. Winning rate is over 70% if correctly used with good money management and good fundamental analysis.

For more information and FREE trial please visit: http://www.synergytrading.net
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LazyBear - S/R Levels

Anmelden für $ 26.0/Monat
Support/Resistance Levels package includes 7 indicators. These automatically derive S/R price areas from the underlying indicators and show them overlaid on price. These include S/R Levels derived from indicators like RSI, CCI, %B and Williams %R.

By visually laying out S/R Levels on chart, these allow complex S/R clusters to be identified and used correctly. Ability to overlay a custom timeframe S/R Levels with the current levels clearly highlights price turning points, and allows easy determination of take-profit/target levels.
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Breakout Pivotal Bars Toolkit

Anmelden für $ 69/Monat
The Breakout Pivotal Bars is an easy to use trading strategy which identifies major breakouts of key hidden levels which are usually hard to spot even to the most experienced trader. By reading the price action the Breakout Pivotal Bars is able to identify potential trade opportunities by colouring bars in real-time. Whether the market moves up or down, with the Breakout Pivotal Bars you will always be in the trend.
In addition to the Breakout Pivotal Bars the toolkit includes three Divergence Indicators. For more information about Divergence Indicators please visit i.minimalisttrading.com
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Analysis Suite - SCMR Trends

Anmelden für $ 65.0/Monat
The SCMR Trend Analysis Suite™ enables you to objectively analyze market conditions, visualize price risks, and enhance the timing and execution of trades. The primary tool, SCMR Trend™, finds hidden price relationships using reverse engineered fingerprints of price behavior. The program highlights optimum behavior, speeding up your recognition of new market opportunities. Complementing SCMR Trend™, we offer a group of price indicators to:
  • Dynamically plot market support and resistance areas (SCMR Dynamic Levels™)
  • Highlight individual bar conditions (SCMR B2B™)
  • Measure and time market trading ranges (SCMR Momentum Peaks™)

No matter your trading style or investment needs, the SCMR Suite™ will give you an informational advantage. Our tools marry the research behind your best ideas and the timely execution of your most profitable ones. Let us help you achieve your trading goals.

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Anmelden für $ 149.0/Monat
MTPredictor is a collection of on-line tools for the Professional Trader based around 26 year veteran trader Steve Griffith’s unique “isolation approach” to Elliott Wave analysis. Tools also include Position Sizing, High Volume (VSA) Spike, Decision Point and many other indicators and professional tools that are designed to improve your trading. Regular free training is also included (via our MTPredictor Trading room). The tools can be applied on any liquid market, including Futures, Stocks and Forex. For more information and to see how the MTPredictor Professional tool set can improve your trading, please visit our web site.
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Sentiment Index

Anmelden für $ 59/Monat
The Sentiment Index is a powerful indicator which supports even the beginner trader in being profitable by tuning into the Sentiment of the market.
With the Sentiment Index you will not only know whether the market is bullish or bearish at any given moment but also when a weakening of the Sentiment occurs and a subsequent shift takes place. The Sentiment Index reads the market and gives you its best interpretation in order to keep you tuned into the same Sentiment regardless of how the market evolves.
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Key Hidden Levels

Anmelden für $ 19.95/Monat
The Tim West Studies are designed to help you see key hidden levels in a stock chart so you are more prepared to assess where it might go in the future. The levels are fundamental to how markets work and relate to 16 important “battle” dates each year out of more than 250 bars to confuse you. We take the relevant days and make them stand out. Which days? The 4 days a year that companies report EARNINGS and the 12 monthly options expiration days. With the power of TradingView, you can now view graphs of these important dates, with a proprietary twist, that allows you to see where buyers or sellers may still be lurking long after the earnings report is forgotten by the average traders. In order to be above average, you need to have more information than everyone else.
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Bottoms Tops Signal Toolkit

Anmelden für $ 129/Monat
The Bottoms Tops Signal is a powerful signal indicator which aims to get the maximum out of the market by spotting its bottoms and tops as soon as they form. The Bottoms Tops Signal gives you a graphical indication on when a new market extreme is detected an a position could be opened or closed. With Bottoms Tops Signal you’ll never be again "too late" because you're already in when the big action occurs.
In addition to the Bottoms Tops Signal the toolkit includes the RSI Exhaustion. For more information about the RSI Exhaustion please visit i.minimalisttrading.com
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Stock Dot Genie

Anmelden für $ 49.5/Monat
StockDotGenie provide to traders, ten (10) unique and advanced technical-analysis indicators. 1-StockDotGenie; 2-Master Moving Average Envelope; 3-Closing Score; 4-Count Long Tails & Closing Scores; 5-Candle Body Size; 6-Trade Risk Reduction; and 7-TWISTS; 8-Launch Pad; 9-Pass Band Multi; 10-Turning Point Volume. The cumulative results provide traders, Genie like insight into a stock's past, present and future trading actions. This suite of indicators provide the trader with profitable, comprehensive and detailed analysis of any potential trade you may be considering as well as exact entry and exit signals. Visit StockDotGenie.Com for complete details on each easily mastered and fully described indicator as well as trading guides, articles on trader's resources and strategies.
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Advanced Signal Bars

Anmelden für $ 109/Monat
The Advanced Signal Bars is a simple trading method which can help even the beginner to spot profitable trades as early as they occur or even before. With the Advanced Signal Bars you get simple trading signals right on the chart in addition to support/resistance levels which tells you when you should exit the market. With Advanced Signal Bars you are always in full control of your trading no matter how the market moves.
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Anmelden für $ 49.0/Monat
The DecisionBar Trading Method and Software is so simple even a beginning trader can learn to become a profitable trader in just hours by trading with the Rhythm of the Market. With DecisionBar you will know not only where the market has been, but where it is likely to go. With DecisionBar you are in complete control and your entire trading plan is right in front of you. DecisionBar takes the guesswork out of the trade and can keep you on the right side of the market - no matter what the market does!
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Jurik Research

Anmelden für $ 45.0/Monat
Market action is not Gaussian, forcing technical analysis to contend with bursts of fast moving prices. As a result, text-book indicators produce signals that are either fast (but noisy) or smooth (but late). Want better? Using advanced algorithms, Jurik Research Tools give you the best of both worlds: speed with exceptional smoothness. You get better timing, better accuracy and better signals.

For graphic explanations on how each Jurik Indicator can be used, go here.
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Levels and Zones

Anmelden für $ 69/Monat
The Levels and Zones is a leading indicator which automatically identifies the best support and resistance levels as well as their corresponding bullish and bearish zones. The indicator constantly detects and highlights for you the optimum levels and zones where you will find the greatest opportunities to go long or short. As soon as the market moves to a new level, with the Levels and Zones, you will be ready to catch the next successful trade.
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